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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday 12th August
by Dan and Ali

“Of Man’s first disobedience and the fruit of that forbidden tree
whose mortal taste bought death into the world, and loss of Eden”

                                                                        John Milton – Paradise Lost

After days of peaceful reflection
at Ekukhanyeni, a place of light
whose scenery was nothing short of perfection,
Back to Siyabuswa, before our flight,
Peace and rest, this was not for us
We travelled to church in a minibus!
                                                                        Dan and Ali – Poem Unpublished

Today – Andrew Weston’s birthday – was a relatively laid back day, all things considered. We had a rare lie in, getting up at about 9.00, before the group split. While a few decided to have a third visit to Hope Church, most of the group tried a new church 50 kilometres west of Siyabuswa. Despite following the wrong bus initially (turned out to be a miscommunication) and then managing to miss the church the first time (we drove past it), we made it safely and were rewarded with an energetic – and ear drum shattering-experience. What this church lacked in congregation size it made up for in sheer volume with the drummer managing to actually break his high-hat with a single mighty strike. Hendrick’s sermon – whilst confusing with its many tangents – was an engaging and arousing one, nicely bringing the service into its final powerful, uplifting (and not to mention near-deafening worship) session.

After church, the two groups were reunited for lunch and a final bumper briefing delivered by none other than our very own Andrew ‘List Man’ Weston. Logistics came first and thanks to Tony’s effective book balancing decisions, had to be made regarding both the distribution of both the leftover mission fund and the money left over from the general living fund made up of the money paid by us. This meant every member of our 22 strong team had one hundred pounds to either take home or donate to Grace School or the Bible College. After these decisions were made, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of tuna pasta whilst the Weston Brothers and Tony crunched the numbers.

Dinner was polished off, washing up was done and then back together we came to hear the outcome of the money distribution. £600 will be spent on 240 bibles for Hope For Africa Mission (to be bought by Dr Hendrick), £869.66 to be spent on improving the local church plants and a further £700 will be donated to Grace Christian School for a range of resources.

From briefing into devotions lead by Robert including: group prayer, Nelson’s touching encouragement for the future and our theme song: ‘Jesus, all for Jesus’. After all this was done it was time for Andrew and Steph’s surprise certificate ceremony. The rewards and recipients are as follows:

Best Quotes – Jack
Best church dancer – Rose
Moral Baseline – Alistair
Parkour Prince – Cameron
Resident Stuntman – Toby
Extreme Photographer – Jocey
Most likely to have a child/animal in their luggage - Daniel
Executive Chef – Abby
Group Troublemaker - Amy
Fashionista – Hannah
List Man – Andrew
Stuck in the ‘80s – Robert
Olympics Expert – Carrie
Best English Accent - Rod
Siyabuswa’s Most Wanted Driver – Tim
Monkey Lover – Frances
Hippo Lover – Steph
Sweet Potato – Laura
Stubborn Steamroller – Eva
Can Sleep Anywhere – Tony
Biblical Scholar – Helen
Lion Whisperer – Suzy

Your prayers for tomorrow will be necessary and gratefully received. Thank you for your continued support and see you soon! (Doubt if we'll be able to add anything further to the blog until we are back in the UK)

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