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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 12 Saturday 4th August
by Jocey

Our day started without electricity, so no cup of tea to start the day. After a few hours power was restored just in time for preparing for our ‘Gold Peer Educators Youth Fun Day.’ Suzy, Rod and Rob went on their adventures collecting young people from around the area. They had to avoid herds of cattle, goats and sheep that cluttered the road. Rod’s young people decided that they would help Rod find a radio station and ensured that he and the rest of Siyabuswa could hear it.

Meanwhile, on the dusty football pitch preparations were underway for the fun day to commence. The first group of teenagers to arrive gave us heaps of fun and entertainment showing us their dances and then proceeded to try and teach the team. It was hilarious as we all got mixed up and could not keep up with the moves. We now appreciate how tricky some of the moves are.

After all the young people arrived we realised that all the grade 12’s from across the province were missing as they had to attend extra lessons at school. Suddenly, a herd of cattle with humungous horns came stampeding at African speed (the speed of a snail!) towards Ali’s tub of resources. Tim, who was on security, went charging like a bull after the bull; brandishing a whistle and shouting shoo!

Simultaneously, another base was under attack by none other than Pastor Rob (now known as Bishop Rob!) He miraculously managed to destroy 2 hours of hard labour by carelessly reversing over two tubs full of water balloons. Funnily enough they did not survive. He also drove over Frances’ jumper. This event would have been avoided if he had not been blasting out the stereo which meant that he did not hear Tim frantically blowing the whistle with the appropriate emergency signalling as instructed by Andrew.    

Eventually, the opening ceremony was upon us. It consisted of a superbly written drama by Dan on the theme of parts of the body and Thomas’ missionary skills. There was a song and prayer followed by a brief introduction by Pastor Jack. The games were then underway.

We had 5 stations which the groups rotated around. They were, tug of war, water balloon games, dodgeball, fushi (an African game) and a tin game. Gallons of water was consumed in the 30 degree heat and that does not include the water balloon games! Every now again we had an intruder, of the cattle variety, which Tim did a good job of shepherding! After 2 hours of fun and games we supplied sandwiches and drinks carefully prepared by Tim, Rod, Eva, Abby and the members of the Gold team. 

Our taxi drivers then ferried the young people home with Rod getting a scenic tour to each ones house. The rest of us went back to the Bible college for a late lunch and a well earned rest and much needed showers. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch preparations for our trip to Kruger were underway beginning with our living space being blitzed with a Susie type tidying. A delightful meal of pap, rice and pork stew was prepared by members of the team and eaten enthusiastically especially after we were told this would be our last meat.

We ended the evening with yet another briefing. But this time we had a cross made from candles, where the engineers and other members of the group spent ages lining up the candles and even resorted to the use of a tape measure. Rob spoke about Dorcas (Acts 9), as a member of staff at the school has the same name, and a time of prayer was then had giving thanks for all our adventures and accomplishments over the past 2 weeks before the evening concluded.

Finally, going back to our homes 15 minute’s drive we were met with yet another power cut not just once but twice; when Tony was half way through yet another very important email. Another memorable day – and many more photos taken – apologies to all those hoping to see photos, we have taken over 3000 but haven’t been able to resize and post them yet…


  1. Surely you have been warned about Rob and minibuses. You only have yourselves to blame.

  2. Thanks Jocey for today's adventure story....ooops haha it did happen! Tim... cattle... Pastor Jack... Bishop Rob... France's poor jumper...
    Things will never be the same again in P URC! :)