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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Final Blog Entry

The team arrived back in the UK very early this morning, after an unproblematic journey from Siyabuswa to the airport in Jo'burg and then a smooth flight from Jo'burg to London Heathrow. Though all weary from the travelling, the saying goodbye to everyone which signalled the very end of our Church Community Project was not easy!

Looking back through all the blog posts we've written as a team, going back as far as November 2011, it's clear just how much of a journey we have been on together. During our time in South Africa, the team had the opportunity to reach out to many, many people, sometimes putting in to place carefully planned programmes and sometimes simply reacting to the needs of those we met as we went along. It's also incredibly humbling to see that the blog has been viewed from the UK, South Africa but also Russia, the United States, France, Spain and Germany - we are so grateful for your interest, thoughts and prayers.

And yet whilst this has been an incredible three weeks of both mission and experiencing the South African culture, I am reminded of both the Great Commission and the idea that there are many expressions of mission, as articulated by David Bosch. I am reminded of them because as Christians we believe we are all called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. 22 people responded to the call they received to Siyabuswa - yet travelling many thousands of miles is just one expression of mission and God's call extends to everyone into some form of mission. As both the physical and mental unpacking begins, I close by praying that all the mission that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ calls you to may be almightily blessed.

Thanks again, and hopefully you'll enjoy the photos that are now starting to appear on our Flickr page!



  1. We enjoyed the traditional South African dish of Bobotie immensely while we were at Ekukhanyeni Christian Retreat Centre. If anyone wanted to give it a go, I've since found a recipe on the BBC Good Food Website which looks pretty good: - what it doesn't mention is that it can be served with salad, chutney, fresh apple or banana!

  2. And churches/Christian communities are where they are today worldwide because of those who embodied the Great Commission in their many ways right from early church, including personal costs but God works in so many ways. Well done and God bless you all.