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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 13 Sunday 5th August
by Team B

Today started with a cooked breakfast by the wonderful Steph: fried bacon, scrambled eggs and tomatoes. Yummy!! We then got ourselves ready for church. This week we had a special slot in the service. All the Bibles that had been sponsored by people back in the UK were presented to members of Hope Church who don’t have a Bible. The members of the congregation were able to choose from translations in English and Zulu. This was a very moving part to the service as many Bibles had been given in memory of family members from the team. During the service a conga procession took place with some traditional African moves thrown in for good measure. The music, just as last week, continued to be at a rather high decibel. The youth performed their drama that Dan had written (for the Youth Event yesterday) and many of the congregation were able to follow the English and laughed at the appropriate points. Rob also preached on the theme of skills and talents of each individual and we sang 'Faithful One' which they appreciated.

After the two and a half hour service we returned to the college for lunch (yes, it was a shorter service this week). Andrew then gave us a lunch briefing as we leave for the Kruger tomorrow. We found out who we were sharing rooms with and the plan for travelling to Kruger National Park. We are aiming to leave Siyabuswa at 7.00am which means a very early start for some who like a lie-in.

After the briefing some of the team set off on a photo tour of Siyabuswa led by Rob. We stopped at many ‘hotspots’ for photographs many of which consisted of the diverse buildings that are around the local area, including some with solar panels especially for Tony! 

After dinner we made our packed lunch for the long journey tomorrow. We will be leaving Siyabuswa at 7am so everyone is having an early night followed by an early breakfast. Looking forward to glimpsing the big five!

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  1. Faithful One has the matching decibels... :) Will you return to the school after Kruger before departing for UK?