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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Blog Day 6 Saturday 28th
By Steph

Hello all!! Saturday has finally arrived which means a lie in for a lot of us…. breakfast at 8:00am instead of 7:30am woohoo!! The nice relaxing day that we had planned didn’t really happen, as there is so much to do in the little time that we have here. Some people were given the option of having a chilled morning at the Alathea Bible College, but most of the ‘A team’ headed over to the school to do some painting and repairing of three classrooms in Grace School. Tim, Rod and Tony started repairing shelves and filling in holes, whilst the A team were a dab hand with the paint brushes. Painting all the walls of all three rooms before lunch!!

We headed back to the Bible College for a chilled lunch and to wash off the paint that inevitably was all over us. Somehow I managed to have a big ‘A’ painted on my back - thanks for that Ali! Rose, Frances and Carrie then headed over to the school to put up displays on all the display boards of the three classrooms that we had painted. The head teacher Muriel came into see them and was so impressed by the simple yet effective resources that were used, that she is giving many of the teachers time off throughout the day to be taught by our B Team as how to use resources more effectively and try out interactive styles of teaching. So praise the Lord for this!!

In the afternoon, the A Team had a meeting with the five GOLD group co-ordinators who are involved with peer mentoring and developing young leaders. We are organising together with them, a Youth Fun Day next Saturday involving a variety of activities such as tug-of-war, water balloon games, dodgeball, a local game with tins, and a local game called Fushi. It is exciting being able to work together with the local community on this and we are expecting a minimum of 250 youths to turn up - scary, but actually it is about the same as we have been having in our After School Club.

After another amazing time, all the team got together to have a delicious BBQ with a 5 foot long sausage (between us, not each) and some home made burgers too, so we will let you know tomorrow whether we survived the BBQ. We’ll probably have aching limbs too, with all the decorating we have done today! Speak to you all soon. Much love!

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