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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Blog Day 3 Wednesday 25th
By Amy J

Hi! This morning we had the joys of waking up at this unearthly hour of 6.30am to be ready for a 6.45am breakfast. Although we were all very tired from 24 hours of travel, we all managed it - yes even Rob!!! At 7.15am we made our way to The Grace Christian School (grades 4+) and for assembly to introduce ourselves to the pupils. They were all lined up outside and stood up throughout the assembly (which included worship) and we all commented how the children in Reading would never stand up for 30mins for assembly!

We can’t get over the number of pupils wearing thick winter coats and bobble hats when it is as warm as July in England (but this is their winter temperature) we are so glad that we are not here in their summer as we’d all be too hot to do anything!! In the grounds of the Grace School is an red bus from London – it looks so out of place and is like a vintage museum piece. It used to be used as a school bus but stopped working in 2009.

After we had all been introduced, we (the A team) made our way back to Alathea Bible college to get ready to go to the other part of the Grace School (grades 1,2 &3 – ages 5,6,7 years old) who welcomed us very warmly with songs and recited passages from the bible. It’s amazing how children from the age of 5 can recite long passages from Psalms and 1Kings, with very little help from the teachers. J That’s all for now J Byeee

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  1. There is a Routemaster Association that you could send an appeal to on behalf of Grace School for spare parts and/or mechanics to help mend their bus