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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Blog Day 4 Thursday 26th
By Helen

Ah, that was better this morning – not quite as early as yesterday – only our three intrepid teachers were in early today.  Everyone looked much more rested after a good night’s sleep and looking forward to a great day ahead.  Tim and Tony went into a year 12 maths class teaching geometry (‘expansion’ as Tim explained to me is the technical term) first thing, and some of the ladies went off to source some African print fabrics.  Rose, Frances and Carrie spent the day teaching, and also ran an after school training session for the teachers.  The ‘A’ team visited the 4, 5 and 6 year olds during their breaktime, playing parachute games with them. 

Rod and Rob were busy this morning, meeting with Dr Hendrick regarding a potential cut flower business and the possibility of a fun sports day on the second weekend.  We have arranged the purchase of 100 bibles for the church planting here in South Africa.

This afternoon the ‘A’ team were thrilled to have even more children turn up for the after school club – around 160 excited and noisy  7- 15 year olds! They are all so enthusiastic – just lapping up everything that goes on.  Suzy, Eva, Josey and Helen ran a craft club for the older girls and Tim and Tony spent a while telling the girls how they might be able to use their craft skills to set up small businesses.  The girls were really pleased to take away something they had made. 

Beautiful sunset this evening.  Time to chill now….  zzzzzz!

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