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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday's Sermuncle

Great evening organised by Helen, a mix of Call My Bluff and Would I lie to you? and Balderdash  -  which introduced us to the world of words such as:
Sermuncle - A short sermon by a priest
Horgorble - To wander about aimlessly
Dunky - An alternatively sad and happy musical score
Baronduki - The Siberian squirrel (as featured on Ice Age, the movie).
I think Baronduki was my favourite, not just for the real definition but for Rod's description of the various cross breeds, which led eventually to the cross between a cow and a donkey (something to look out for in South Africa, maybe).

Anyway, the secret of a good sermuncle is to keep it short - so well done teams, well done audience - you were as baffled as us! And well done Helen and Tony and all the great cake bakers - I don't think we'll be hungry when we are away, not with such excellent cooks/chefs!

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